Monday, July 16, 2012

Is It Monday Already

Hello all,

I went to a birthday cookout yesterday and I gotta tell you I am having a hard time recovering this morning. I had a great time, I danced for hours, drank, smoked and ate. The music was great, played cards and saw some people haven't seen in years and meet some new people. My kinda day.

The dress I wore is pictured here, but I forget to take a picture of my look yesterday. This is just the same dress. I love these dresses. I admit couple of fellas got in trouble yesterday staring and being so friendly. Oh well, whatcha gone do?

I have lost some weight. Need to start exercising or I am going to start flapping with the hanging skin.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Now if I could only pull myself together to get some work done.

How was your weekend?

Love, Peace and Elbow Grease,

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