Wednesday, July 11, 2012

OOTD: Outside of my Comfort zone

Hello all,

The outfit that I wore today is outside of my comfort zone. I honestly don't normally wear dresses and nothing that fits my bust area snugly. I am large breasted and don't usually emphasis my bust. I decided to step outside of that this year as I work to remake my life. So I choose to buy some sundresses that emphasized my bust and was a little uncomfortable at first, this didn't last long though.

I started the day with my hair curly, I do not wear a perm. After about 10 minutes outside, my hair had boofed out like an Afro and I ended up pulling it back.

My neighbors were saying things like, "I knew you had big titties, but not that big. You usually wear lose shirts and never a dress" and "Damn, Jenn baby, you trying to cause an accident." LOL

My neighbor's nephew and his wife stopped by, he was staring so hard. When they left, my neighbor was like, his wife is gonna kick his ass for staring so hard.

I live on a semi busy street and men were staring and barely able to drive when I was outside, they were so busy gawking. One of my neighbors hugged me so hard, I had to adjust my bra when he let me go. 

At some point I am going to figure out something to do with my hair and maybe start experimenting with a little make-up.

Here is my outfit for today. Sorry I only took one picture. The picture was taken by my oldest son.

Dress: from The Avenue

What do you think?


  1. Cute dress!


    1. Daisy,

      Thank you and I actually love wearing the dress.

      I love the new look of your blog and welcome back. I know how it feels to get bored with blogging, I suffer from that myself. This blog is for fun and I don't post much on it, don't worry about it too much. I have another blog that is business related and I am bored with it and that worries me some. When I stop blogging, I stop making money, bad thing.

      Good luck to you and welcome back.


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