Saturday, October 27, 2012

My First Date - From Online Dating Site

First let me say, I know I should post pictures, just haven't gotten into the habit of taking pictures yet.

So, I went on my first date from the online dating site that I joined. Part of my getting ready for my new life of not raising kids.

He contacted me on BlackPeopleMeet and we exchanged a few messages and I gave him my phone number. Now I know what kind of person I am and that I can be funny about the way that I like things, hell I'm 44 now and have been doing things my way a long time, but I am trying to be flexible.

We talked a couple of times and he was pushy about setting up a date (ut oh, I don't like pushy men), but I agreed to a lunch date on Thursday his day off. I am old now and not planning to make any babies, so I am not a stickler on looks, however, I do prefer a man with some height. I am 5'6 and like to wear heels and I am a big girl. I don't like short men because my thoughts are: I am probably going to be bigger than you, I can be taller than you too.

He said he was 5'10. I wore heels that were about 2.5 inches tall and I was looking him eye to eye, he lied. My friend later told me to take off two inches when they say how tall they are on the site. Anyway, I was just glad I didn't wear my 4 inch heels. I was a little put off because he had told me to wear a dress, so I decided against doing that. The plan was to go and play pool and darts, kool. I specifically said I not want to go and eat (I'm a picky eater and I didn't want to hear him comment on it).

He picks me up and I have to tell him to get out of the car...hummmm. He gets out and I get to see that he lied about his age. I also see that while he tells me to wear a dress, he is in a cap, tee-shirt and combat boots. I was not happy about that and glad I didn't wear a dress. I know he wanted me to wear a dress so he could stare at my breasts.

This is the pic that is on my profile

We head out and during the ride I ask where we are headed. He tells me to just sit back and enjoy the ride. He stops at the gas station to get gas, doesn't ask me if I want anything...humph. We head out and where do we go, Big Boys to eat. Didn't I say I didn't want to go and eat. We are seated and the waitress gives us menu's and tell us there is an all-you-can-eat burger and salad bar. He doesn't even let me look at the menu and tells her that is what I am having. I already know this is a bad idea, because I am a picky eater.

So we go to the bar and I began making my salad. I hear him holler out and I mean holler: WHERE ARE THE HAMBURGER BUNS? Apparently there are no buns at the bar to make his burger. The waitress says they the buns are on the way and he yells that "He just wanted to know where the buns are so he can make his burger." I take my salad and head back to the table.

Now you know salads can be messy. Some of the lettuce was in big chunks, so I get my knife and start cutting up the lettuce. He yells "You use a knife with your salad. You must be proper." People around us look at us and on top of that he doesn't take his hat off. I tell him to take his hat off and he tell me times have changed, you don't have to do that anymore. Yeah maybe for young people, but you are 45 years old.

We finish eating and we leave. We arrive back at my house and he gets out. I ask him why he was getting out, he tells me to talk me to my door. I told him he was not coming in my house and sit on my porch. He stands and talks to me and then gives me a tight hug. Ok kool, then he gives me another hug and rubs my back and tries to kiss my neck, pressing his penis against my knee, I don't bother to stand up to let him hug me. I am like hold up, what the hell you think you are doing? He says he is just giving me a hug that he can tell I really need. Then he comes in for another hug and I put out my hand. He is like what? I say, if you are going to keep touching me you are going to have to pay me. Well now he is offended. There are neighbors on my street and he says I can't let your neighbors see me giving you money, they are going to think bad of you. I say "my neighbors are going to say, that's my girl, she ain't letting that nigga touch her for free, good for her." So he wants to know if I will give him another hug and tell him if you pay me. Then I tell him don't come back to my house unexpected or me and my neighbors are going to shoot your ass.

Now I live basically in what could be called the hood. Wasn't always that way with the recession as they call it, things have changed. A few minutes later a guy rides by on a mini-bike with a shot-gun across his lap and says Hey Jenn. I say hey, but I am thinking, no his ass don't have a shot gun on his lap. But it is right no time, because the guy is like, damn yall like that over here. Yep and like I said if you come back uninvited, we are going to shoot your ass. He decides to leave. When he gets in the car he tells me to call him, I say no. He says I will call you, I say no. He says you are mean and drives off.

I am like damn, my ex is really starting to look better.

Now again I don't really care for short men, but they seem to be interested in me. Later that day a guy is visiting my neighbor across the street. Me and another neighbor is walking by and he tells me to come over. I go over and I am looking in the top of this guys head, damn. He asks a few questions then if I have a man. I say no, I am sure he has already asked my neighbor, why lie. He says, why you ain't got no man. I say with that respond I am guessing you have a woman. He says, yeah I am seeing somebody. So why are you talking to me then? I tell him "I am not trying to be somebodies side piece." He says, you don't have to worry about that (as he stares at my breast). I am like no thanks, thinking you ass is already to short and you have a woman. He tells me that I could be missing out on the opportunity of my life. Yeah alright, guess I am just going to have to miss is, dammit.

Damn, just started looking and tired already

I told my mother about the event that night, she says...keep trying, gotta weed out the bad to get to the good. I love her, she is the best.

What do you think?


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